Activities / Gweithredoedd

Conference paper: ‘Class Struggle in McDonald’s Carparks: The Micro-dynamics of Platform Couriers’ Collective Action’. Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change (CERIC), Annual Doctoral Conference, University of Leeds, May 2023.

Invited member: Working Class Movement Library Collections Development Group.

Shortlist, PSRS Research Image Awards 2023.

Guest lecture: ‘Low-wage and precarious work in the global economy’. SOCY10912 Work, Organisations & Society, University of Manchester, April 2023

Conference paper: ‘The beginning never ends: the erratic temporality of platform couriers’ collective action’. BSA Annual Conference 2023: Sociological Voices in Public Discourse, April 2023.

Conference paper: ‘Pay Rise, Not Pay Cut! Struggle over Strategy in a Platform Dispute’. Work and Equalities Institute, Fairness at Work Conference, January 2023.

Discussion facilitator: Cultural-Historical Activity Theory. Movements@Manchester Social Movements Reading Group, December 2022.

Organising Committee member: Alternative Futures and Popular Protest Conference, 2023.

Teaching: SOCY20031 Work, Economy and Society, University of Manchester, 2022.

Research Assistant: Recent Developments in the Sociology of Work, Department of Sociology, University of Manchester, 2022.

Invited speaker: ‘Unions 101’, RANK + FILE, July 2022.

Press contribution: Voice.Wales, ‘“Toothless” – How A Union’s Deal With Deliveroo Put Partnership Working In The Spotlight’, interviewed, 1st July 2022.

Elected Council Member: Manchester Industrial Relations Society, 2022 – 23.

Conference paper: ‘Deciding to Defy: Collective Contention as Collective Cognition in the UK’s Gig Economy Strikes’. Department of Sociology PGR Conference, University of Manchester. June 2022.

Press contribution: The Northern Echo, ‘Just Eat drivers strike and picket fast food outlets in Darlington’, interviewed and advised on article, 17th May 2022.

Conference Organiser: Alternative Futures and Popular Protest conference, 2022.

Teaching Assistant Rep, Sociology Board, University of Manchester. 2021-22.

Teaching: SOCY20601 Social Class and Inequality in Britain, University of Manchester, 2021.

Interview on management control and workers’ resistance in call centres, for: Horgan, A. (2021) Lost in Work: Escaping Capitalism. London: Pluto Press. PP 123-124.

Discussion facilitator: ‘Workers’ Power and Trade Unionism in Wales’. Welsh Underground Network, May 2021.

Conference paper: ‘The Network Makes Us Strong: Alternatives to the Union Form Amongst Organised Platform Couriers’. CRASSH, University of Cambridge. April 2021.

Discussion facilitator: Jane McAlevey’s No Shortcuts. Movements@Manchester Social Movements Reading Group, March 2021.

Press contribution: Interview with independent journalist Emma Doyle on the ongoing struggles of Deliveroo couriers in Sheffield, February 2020.

Invited speaker: ‘Call Centres and Mental Health’ with Broomhill & Sharrow Vale Labour Party, October 2019.

Public talk: ‘Queering Anti-Fascism: Exploring histories of LGBT+ opposition to the far-right’. LGBT History Project North East, Public Day, February 2018.

Trade union experience / Profiad o fewn undebau llafur

Communication Workers Union workplace activist, Convergys call centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, 2018.

UNISON shop steward, Newcastle City Council and Your Homes Newcastle contact centres, 2019.

UCU Anti-Casualisation Officer, University of Manchester branch, 2021-22.

UCU Ordinary Member of the branch Executive Committee, University of Manchester branch, 2022-23.

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